Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long after eggs expire can I use them? 

A. Sauder's Eggs take the extra-quality step of stamping a 30 day "sell by" date on our cartons. (Some of our competitors stretch the date longer - we're more interested in unquestionable quality and impose the strictest "sell by" dates in the industry.) Eggs will be of fresh and edible quality up to two weeks past the stamped "sell by" date.

Q. What is a double yolk egg? How are the formed? 

A. Double yolks are usually produced by young chickens. Their reproductive systems have not fully matured, and they periodically release two yolks instead of one.

Q. Why do some eggs have blood spots? 

A. Blood spots are caused when tiny blood vessels rupture during the development of the egg. They do not alter the taste or quality of the egg.

Q. Why do many Sauder's eggs have a white string-like attachment on the inner lining of the shell? 

A. The string-like attachment is called the Chalaza. This anchors the yolk in the center of the egg. A prominent Chalaza is the sign of a high quality egg.

Q. What is an Organic Egg? 

A. Organic eggs are produced by hens that receive a special diet and special treatment. They eat only pesticide-free organic feeds from the day of their birth, they receive no drugs, and they are free to roam throughout their hen-house, entering and leaving their nest at will. Their eggs are gathered straight from the nest by hand, placed in a cooler, and then processed.  

Q. What determines whether an egg is white or brown? 

A. The color of the egg is determined by the breed of the chicken.

Q. What causes the yolk color to vary in shades of yellow?  

A. The color of the yolk varies depending upon the amount of corn in the hen's diet.  

Q. Can eggs pick up the odor of other foods while stored in a refrigerator?

A. Yes, they can --- but you'll be safe if you store the eggs properly. For absolute best results, leave eggs in the carton while storing them in your refrigerator.

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